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Storm x300 today!

09 december 21:00 (bulgarian time!)



Greetings, dear players!
Storm x300 goes live! Today 09 December 21:00 (Bulgarian Time)

We have record amount of accounts at this time.
We were wanting to make a disk replacement but we have opted to change to a better server with four SSD hard disks and also other better specifications. I really want to this server have a perfect grand opening, to gathering more advertisment, more people, more clans!

We all want server to live long and with big community, Lets make it!
Patch is coming today / Forum is coming today! ... Stay tuned! ;)


how to connect - storm x300!

We are pleased to inform you that the server Storm x300 will be open door at 09 December 21:00 Bulgarian Time.
(There is a countdown timer on our website)

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