1. Handsome 480
2. KingChango 395
3. TheExes 375
4. QNe 370
5. X 344
6. Slipknot 341
7. B 329
8. MoHeLL 324
9. TUROG 290
10. Freedom 279

Dear players and beginners. We are pleased to inform you that on the 27th November we are introducing a bonus for beginners. Bonus Start in Friday! Gift for new Players!

- Vip Rune 24 hours
- Last Book Divine Inspiration
- Accessory Santa Hat
- Reiria's Soul Orb (Sub Quest)
The server is stable and have around 2300+ active players without offline shops. In our server you can find easy farm, comfortable olympiad, massive pvp every days, and much more... Don't waste your time in other servers and join the best european mid rate server!
Dear Players!
Today 13th November at 20:00 (Moscow Time Zone) We're finally opening the hottest mid rate server. The best mid rate project, thousands of players and hundreds of clans are getting ready to enter the server. Invite your friends, receive different bonuses! We're waiting for you.
Dear players! Sorry for that maintenance this weekend. We are ready and 100% protected. As we said earlier, we are working hard on preparing the server for launch. We want to provide safe and comfortable game for all of you. In next 24 hours our registration page and system patch will be available.
Hello community! Soon our website will be online with all functions like before.. Epic owners, top pvp or pk players, heroes, castle control, top enchanted players and much more. We have added an Auction House to the website. It is a NEW system that allows a character to put a items like A, S Grades Weapons, Sets, Jewels and EPICS for Lucky Golds.
Status: Online
Online: 2.300+
Status: Offline
April 2016!
1. vby 655
2. Karrigan 362
3. Kappa 215
4. Jayce 192
5. OnlySixtySeven 180
6. Laumetris 160
7. Garion 148
8. LuDka 135
9. Ryzale 134
10. MADJOE 125