Grand Opening
Nova X25 (PTS)
L2Mid - 3 November!
Nova x25, New Interlude - 3 November!
№1 Craft-PVP server based on Interlude PTS files!
we are coming...
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Open beta will start at: 20 October and will end in 9 days (29 October Sunday) Please note that this is an beta test and your characters will be deleted. Please report all bugs here:

18 Sep 2017
  • Due to the opening of server Nova x25, we are starting a massive advertisement campaign that will attract thousands of new players to our worlds. In addition, we are going to have a free bonuses giveaway, so stay tuned!

    13 Sep 2017
  • We gladly announce that on November 3 anyone willing will be able to once again plunge into the amazing world of L2Mid and conquer a new server Nova x25. The most popular mid-rate ever created by us.

    22 August 2017
  • We’re currently still in the building phase of our new website right now. Thank you for bearing with us but the wait will be worth it. Keep an eye on our current website for more information soon!

    12 June 2017
  • Dear players,
    For nearly half year we have gathered the necessary information about the preferences players what the optimal settings for the game server.
    Now we would like to invite you to play on this New Server, which will start soon. Any information will be available on our website.
    Join us for a refreshing experience in the world of L2Mid!

    25 March 2017